Sun Catcher Painting

11 June 2023

This afternoon, we decided to have our painting session indoors due to the hot weather outside.

The residents enjoyed the cooler air and we chose to paint ready-made pictures of flowers.

Barbara had the idea of mixing colours to create a purple shade for her tulips. We experimented with a combination of red and blue, which turned out to be a great choice for painting. Edna and Jean did a wonderful job of staying within the lines as they carefully coloured their pictures. We had a delightful conversation while working on our artwork, and afterwards, we treated ourselves to a relaxing afternoon tea accompanied by delicious cake.

Once we finished painting and tidied up, the residents admired their beautiful creations. We displayed the paintings on stands, which enhanced their visual appeal. We also offered to take their masterpieces to their rooms, so they could be admired even more. It was a truly lovely afternoon filled with creativity, conversation, and enjoyment.