Many of our residents have enjoyed a love of gardens and gardening throughout their lives. To ensure this passion continues, we strive to make our outdoor living spaces accessible, interactive and stimulating.

Our gardening team brings expertise in designing and maintaining gardens that are both calming and revitalising, with plenty of visual and sensory interest. We have extensive garden space across our family of 21 homes and are constantly taking forward new projects as well as ongoing maintenance. We encourage residents to take a keen interest in the gardens, through home gardening clubs, gentle gardening activities and regular contact with our gardeners about seasonal flora and fauna.

From raised beds to water features, new paving to planting, there is continual landscaping carried out. Our dedicated dementia care homes have garden areas specifically designed for memory stimulation as well as features for easy navigation. We have reduced the extent and number of chemicals used in our garden management and are experimenting with organic methods in the expectation of fostering a greater diversity of plant and wildlife species.

Our residents love their gardens as tranquil, nurturing places in which to enjoy peace and quiet, meet friends or maintain those green fingers. They also enjoy observing birds and other wildlife visitors and staying in tune with the changing seasons.

Our maintenance teams in each home ensure that our residents comfort is assured; from helping new residents to put up shelves, hang pictures or simply arranging furniture to working with our specialist support teams to keep the building facilities in top working condition.