Fiona Pritchard is our new Music and Arts Partner, a role we introduced in February 2018 to help support our homes with their music and arts activities. Here are some Qs and As to help explain a little more:

What do we mean by music and arts activities? 

Music and art play important and powerful parts in all of our lives. We are all affected by them; they can make us laugh or cry. For our residents, they have a particularly therapeutic affect, and can aid in engaging interest, regulating mood, maintaining dexterity and hand-eye coordination, stimulating creativity, and are also often a calming influence when a resident is at their most anxious. 

Whether it be through storytelling, singing, drama, reading or writing poetry, dance, music and movement, colour therapy, collage work, puppetry, digital art apps, or games using mime, we are now able to ensure each resident has the opportunity to explore the many ways in which music and arts can have a positive impact upon their lives and enrich their wellbeing.

Who is Fiona?

Fiona is a professional musician who studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She has performed with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, English National Ballet and the Scottish Opera Orchestra, and has been teaching music at Ringwood School for 25 years. She also writes and arranges music and songs for LETTERLAND, Monkey Music Ltd, Warwick Music, the BBC and ITV.                                                                                                      

In addition to this, Fiona has trained in Neurologic Music Therapy and is currently studying for an MSc in Dementia Studies with Arts and Activities at Bradford University. She has worked with Colten Care since 2014; first at Belmore Lodge for the Customer Services Team and then at Kingfishers and Linden House as part of the Companionship Team. Fiona is one of the musicians running the BUDDY orchestra for people with dementia and their carers.  

   You can read more about Fiona and her role in thiCare Home Professional article


What will Fiona do when she visits each home?

In conjunction with the Home Manager and the Clinical and Companionship Teams, Fiona will consider how best to engage with residents, addressing areas such as cognition, emotion, attention, motor control and language, and how these can be maintained and enhanced through a variety of activities and therapies. Fiona will also work closely with our Admiral Nurse, Kay Gibson, to design and implement person-centred interactions. She will also set up a regular opportunity for residents, relatives and people in the community to engage in activities, such as a music café. 

What has Fiona been up to recently?

19th June 2018: Fiona and Donia look at potential performance space at Bourne View. 
2nd July 2018: Visiting Monkey Music in Winchester in preparation for their visit to Abbotts Barton.
9th July 2018: A resident's 'wish list' trip to visit the village he was stationed in during the war.
10th May 2018: The Colten Band rehearse at The Aldbury.
21st May 2018: Fiona outside Media City in Manchester for the Power of Music event.
14th June 2018: Ribben dancing rehearsal for Children in Need at Woodpeckers.
24th March 2018: A visit to see Andre Rieu at Bournemouth Pavillion.
9th April 2018: The Parkinson's class back in action for another week.
10th April 2018: Paul trying out one of the new ukuleles.
4th February 2018: Chris showing Fiona how to dance at Linden House.
26th February 2018: June and Mike wrapped up warm ready for their first Parkinson's dance class.
12th March 2018: Mike taking part in a Parkinson's dance class.

What do people say about Fiona?

"This afternoon's entertainment took the residents into a different world."
Ruth, visitor to The Aldbury

"The whole room was involved in Fiona's class and everyone was obviously enjoying themselves. She provided clear instructions so everyone could join in. What a fun session."
Visitor to The Aldbury

What do we hope the role will achieve?

We hope all our homes will benefit from this role in many different ways. The main shared objectives are:

Residents: joy from an improved sense of wellbeing.

Relatives: reassurance that their loved one is receiving specialist care and attention.

 Staff: inspiration from feeling reinvigorated about the work they do and how they do it. 

How do you contact Fiona?

By email: