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Our Companionship team co-ordinate wide-ranging pursuits and events to suit every personal interest of our residents. Our activities calendar includes both indoor and outdoor activities and minibus trips. ‘Colten Companions’ ensure that each resident has an opportunity to engage in activities by looking after their needs one-to-one and by being a friend.

'Making wishes come true' is a key part of the Companionship role.  Listening to and responding to these wishes means delighting and entertaining our residents, providing opportunities for experiences they never thought possible and creating even more memories.  The film below highlights just one of the many different wishes coming true for our residents. 
The Aldbury

Activities form a special function in our care homes.  The Activity Organiser leads a wide variety of social events to create a stimulating, entertaining and therapeutic environment for our residents.

As part of this role you will organise daily activities both inside and outside of our homes.  A sensitive understanding of the social needs of every resident is essential – many residents will often enjoy a big social event whilst others prefer an activity on their own or with one or two others.  You will need to cater to all preferences, both group and individual.

The Activity Organiser will involve relatives and visitors including children, according to residents’ wishes, and will work closely with carers too. 

In this role, you will arrange outside trips as well as fundraising events to actively encourage involvement with community groups.  There are a great many themed events to arrange including gala functions, raffles, fetes, coffee mornings and other sponsored activities.

Our Colten Companions work in a one-to-one setting and encourage the physical, emotional and intellectual stimulation of residents who are unable to take a full active part in the home’s main activity calendar.

The role of Colten Companion is pivotal to those residents’ day-to-day enjoyment of a dignified and fulfilling life.  A sensitive motivator, you will offer a variety of stimulating activities and past-times tailored to individual needs while respecting residents’ independence and choice.


What skills will I learn as an Activity Organiser or Colten Companion?

As an Activity Organiser you will learn how to engage with and involve people in activities who may have wide-ranging interests and diverse backgrounds.

You will become adept at developing original ideas for an ever increasing range of suitable and enjoyable events and activities.

You’ll plan, select and deliver programmes of activities which are tailored to suit residents’ physical, intellectual and social needs.

As an Activities Organiser in one of our dedicated Dementia care homes you will support residents to feel stimulated and engaged as a key way in which to maintain their quality of life.

As a Colten Companion, you will gain a rich understanding of a resident’s life story, experiences and interests.

You will use your knowledge of each resident to create purposeful one-to-one activities which are matched to his or her interests and capabilities.

In engaging with residents and stimulating their interests, you will learn a lot about yourself and improve your social engagement skills. 

What do I need to work as an Activity Organiser or Colten Companion?

Previous experience in coordinating a variety of events which are suitable for older people will be useful, but won’t be essential.  More important is your natural flair for organising events and activities which participants are both keen to get involved with and enjoy.  You will be friendly, kind, honest and reassuring and love to socialise and help others.

The Activity Organiser role will suit someone with an outgoing and warm personality who is equally adept at working in a group or individually.  By contrast, whilst the role of Colten Companion may suit either an outgoing or more reflective person, you'll need to be sensitive to the needs of individual residents who are less physically active.  You will need to be creative and inspiring in both roles.

What can I aim for?

You will have opportunities to get involved in both large and special events which reach out across the community and can create that special “buzz” or sense of occasion.

If you demonstrate a strong aptitude for managing and organising people you could access supervisory and management training, which could lead to promotion as an Activities Manager.

As an alternative, you could try a spell as a Healthcare Assistant and climb a different career ladder, perhaps even leading to a career in nursing or management.

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