We are targeting plastic consumption in everything we do, from catering and gardening to administration and maintenance. This is an across-the-board, one-team commitment to get rid of all unnecessary plastic. Our residents have exactly the same environmental concerns as their families, our staff, and everyone else; the truth is that more and more people are becoming aware of the terrible global problems created by the rapidly-increasing consumption of plastic. We feel that now is the time to make radical changes within our business to be part of a solution.

Colten Care Caring Without Plastic

Our independent coffee supplier, The Blue Label Coffee Company, founded by Binny Wookey, has adopted plastic-free packaging, saving 1,300 plastic coffee bags each year.

We have replaced all of our plastic recycling sacks at our head office with reusable fabric ones, saving 2,880 plastic sacks every year - much to the delight of our Purchasing Manager, Harvey.
A nearby dairy business, B&B Dairies, now delivers fresh milk to our head office in recyclable glass bottles. Having milkman Ken Bolton deliver our milk saves 1,500 plastic bottles a year.