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Our NAPA Short Story Competition Entry

Seven of our residents put their heads together and created this brilliant short story for the NAPA Short Story Competition. We'll find out very soon if their entry has been successful and whether they're off to the NAPA Gala at the end of September!

“Life in a Care Home”

Whatever have I come to? How long will I be here? Well, give it time to see how we settle. So many strange faces, all in their own little world; thinking their own thoughts about how they feel. The best thing is to sleep on it and wait for the next day.

Another day dawns, anticipating what will happen during the day. A good start is a cup of tea served; then the day will proceed. A time to investigate to see what’s on the agenda. Members of staff come to introduce themselves and politely ask what kind of things we’re interested in. Too many things to try, some you may like and some you may not like, but we are all different in many ways. So, the best thing to do is to give it a go...

Time to go in the lounge for a morning activity. So many faces and names to remember. The days vary. Here come the activity girls taking part in the activities and helping us to get to know each other. Today, we had a pianist who played a variety of songs and well known pieces of music. The room was full. Most people joined in. Here comes the trolley dolly with cold drinks, wine or sherry. Time for a little social before lunch in the dining room. Life is not that bad at all. After lunch, people retire to their rooms to catch up on the news, wait for a phone call or maybe go for ‘forty winks’.

Oh well, let’s see what’s happening in the other room. Baking today which sounds interesting. The table cloth being laid and the ingredients ready. Activity staff encourage everyone to take part. Today, we are making lemon drizzle cake, a popular choice and easy to make. After baking, the cake is removed and cooled into the cooling tray. Now the best part is a sample all round. We voted it as a great success!

Looking at the planner, it looks like more interesting things to do for the following week. Supper is served either in your own room or in the dining room. Then, time to relax and put your feet up. It’s about eight o’clock. Staff bring the night drinks and biscuits. Then they will come and help you if needed. While in bed, you think to yourself, "things are not that bad after all".

Next morning, the activity girl comes to visit and asks if I would like to go on the trip. Today, we are going for a drive around the New Forest in our minibus to see the ponies, with coffees, teas and biscuits served. After an enjoyable morning, we turn back for lunch.

In the afternoon, we are making cards whilst others go on a trip to the seaside. Others have family visits which are always welcome.

I am very happy here. 

To all who are thinking of coming into a care home, don’t worry, enjoy it!