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Gnome Place Like Home at Linden House

03 Marigold LHMarigold was asked if she would like to paint a gnome to enter in the Produce Show. At first she was not keen, as felt it would be difficult to apply the paint as there were a lot of in her words, “fiddly bits and the colours would run”. This was given some thought and it was decided that we would use feltip pens instead of paint and foundation for the face and arms. Once started Marigold soon found that she had a greater control over the pens. This was an activity that gave Marigold the confidence to complete herself, it was different to any activity she had taken part in before and now would like it repeated in the future. When visiting the Produce Show on Tuesday, Marigold was delighted and couldn’t stop smiling, pleased to see that the gnome that she had decorated, had a lovely blue rosette for a second place attached to it.