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Creative Writing At Linden House

IMG_3032 LHChris and Caroline both undertook some Creative Writing training recently at Bournemouth University and this was the first session to bring those lessons back to Linden House. New Year is a time for new beginnings and we think these sessions will be a new fixture in the Linden House programme for a long time to come. Our four residents, Nigel, Trilby, Pam and Marigold, together with Trilby's daughter Sarah wrote the following:

Early in the Year

The Hurley burley taste of spring with all the happiness it brings.

The flowers grow, the birds do sing and we’ve been drinking too much gin!

It’s teatime now, so let’s join in, toast and butter and jam.

A moment of stillness to see what’s there.

Microlights and kites cajoling the air.

Nordic walkers striding with poles,

Gambolling lambs appearing over the knoll, The hope of a vase of opening spring flowers.

Pegging out the first wash of spring time, The soft touch of ‘just born’ chicks And the feel of the sun on our skin, Touches the heart and soul of us human beings

Busy bees buzzing, woodpeckers a knocking And crickets rustling reminds us of the sounds of spring The orchestra of life, Rejoicing in the sounds of children playing in the street,  Dogs a barking and sausages sizzling on the BBQ

Snowdrops emerge from strong brown earth, Heralding the way for the concert of primroses, crocus, daffodils and anemones One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns!

We can't wait to write more!