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If You Can't Beat Them... At Linden House

Nigel Knitting

On Tuesday afternoon Nigel thought that he would just visit the ladies of the knitting circle to see what they get up to when knitting. He was pleasantly surprised because not only were they knitting but relaxing, listening to the sounds of the sea rushing into the shore whilst eating chocolates that Marigold had brought to share, followed by afternoon tea. The group of ladies welcomed Nigel into their select group and were delighted to see that he could knit and proudly showed him the various patterns they were knitting, seed stitch, rib stitch and garter stitch. After some thought Nigel chose to knit in garter stitch and was sworn to secrecy concerning the finished product. At present our project is top secret as we are preparing for the Colten Village Produce Show which will take place on 8th and 9th September at Kingfishers in New Milton.