Linden House News

  • Helen Baking

    25 January 2018

    At the age of 97 Helen was happy to share her baking skills with us

  • BSO visit

    25 January 2018

    This week members of the BSO came to play to us

  • Forest Drive

    24 January 2018

    Despite the wet weather, residents went for a forest drive

  • Happy Birthday Chris!

    24 January 2018

    Donia, our companionship team leader helped Chris have a very Happy Birthday!

  • Sewing Knitted Squares

    08 January 2018

    Juliet is helping to sew our knitted squares together

  • Cheese Scones

    06 January 2018

    Fran gets busy grating cheese for the cheese scones

  • Tear 'n' Share Christmas Tree

    30 December 2017

    We had a great baking session this week!

  • Christmas Day at Linden House

    25 December 2017

    We had lovely Christmas Day here at Linden House