Section 172(1) statement

The s172 statement for Colten Care Limited for the year ended 12 February 2020, which is set out below, is contained in the Strategic Report approved by the Board on 3 November 2020.

Section 172(1) statement
Colten Care has two main websites on which our values, promises and regulatory reports are detailed in full. They are regularly updated. We recommend that interested parties visit these for more information. These websites are, which details information for prospective residents and their families and, which provides information for staff and potential staff on available opportunities and the company itself. There are also microsites for each home that can be accessed either directly or from the main website.

The Board and Executive committees for Colten Care meet frequently to consider the outlook of the company and any risk management strategies necessary, taking into account potential effects and consequences of decisions in both the long and short terms.

As a group, Colten Care pride ourselves on our high standards, achieving seven “Outstanding” ratings with CQC. There has been continual investment in the support teams to ensure that a top quality service is provided to all residents and our home managers and care teams are supported in maintaining the standards we expect.

Colten Care stands by the promise of “Cherishing You”, under-pinned by the 5 values: Friendly, Kind, Individual, Reassuring and Honest. Further details on these values can be obtained on our websites.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and service, we foster ongoing long-term relationships with local suppliers. This also has a benefit with respect to price.

As a care operator, Colten Care understands that our employees are vital to our success as a business. Therefore, investment in our staff is one of the main priorities; ensuring that they are properly trained and have career opportunities, such as our senior care lead and nursing associate programmes, as well as other apprenticeships. The learning and development team support all employees across the business and have invested in an HR platform that can be accessed by everyone.

Colten Care is committed to an annual pay review and providing a range of benefits that enable us to recruit and retain quality staff. We run our own awards, Colten Champions, to celebrate our staff who go above and beyond for residents. Nominations come from colleagues, residents, relatives and care professionals.

In terms of environmental concerns, Colten Care is keen to reduce the impact on the environment wherever possible. A specific committee has been created to consider this impact and several initiatives have been implemented including switching to glass milk bottles from a local supplier, a comprehensive recycling scheme across all homes, reducing use of plastics, a paper reduction incentive and a continued commitment to using local suppliers for food, which reduces the carbon footprint as well as ensuring high quality. The company also uses Tersano water as a cleaning product, which provides the same antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties as traditional chemicals but without the same impact on the environment.