Our Gardens

At Colten Care, we pride ourselves on our beautiful and stimulating gardens. We recognise that many of our residents had such gardens themselves, and that gardening may have been a special pastime for them. We like to think that we can offer residents the opportunity to continue that pastime in whatever way they feel appropriate.

Whether you enjoy walking amongst the blossoming buds, or just simply wish to keep a watchful eye on the sparrows and squirrels, we hope you find a piece of the garden to make your own.

Above: Charl​es Hubberstey, Colten Care Head Gardener

"He who plants a garden plants happiness. If you want to be happy for a lifetime, plant a garden.
The gardens at St Catherines View provide the residents with the obvious benefits of stress relief, access to sunlight, improved mood and a safe environment. However, as the gardener, I feel our gardens are all about enjoyment. 
The beautifully created spaces are used by the residents and their families as an extension of the main building. The best part about my job is when someone wanders into the garden and spends time with me talking about the plants or the wildlife. We can stroll around the grounds or they can help me with tasks, such as watering or deadheading. For the less able, the garden provides a peaceful and sensory experience, bird song in the cool meadow, the smells of lavender and night scented stocks in the formal garden, or the taste of a freshly picked strawberry from the vegetable patch.

I particularly like being a gardener at St Catherines because it gives me the chance to be creative -not only because I get to choose a lot of the extensive planting plans, but also because I run a weekly gardening club, which is great fun. We have tried so many different activities, from creating bug houses to making our own sloe gin! The residents have been involved in making a small themed garden which, at present, is a beach theme, complete with crabs, windmills and shells! 

Alison Gaunt, Gardener at St Catherines View

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Back garden
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