1V8A2692We take great pride in the letters received by our homes each day.  Many of these letters evidence that our values are alive and well in our homes, practised by our teams.  We have extracted and quoted excerpts from some of these letters to provide some insight into what life might be like in one of our homes.  The original version of the full letters (with personal details removed) are available in each homes' reception for you to browse at your leisure.  You can also check carehome.co.uk for independent home reviews.

  • A real, huge credit to the great staff at Whitecliffe – please pass on our thanks *from the bottoms of our hearts* to absolutely everyone, the cooks, the cleaning staff, the clinical staff, everyone. I was dreading making the enquiry, of course, but it’s always good to know the truth of a situation. Many thanks and with my warm best wishes –

    Relative of Resident at Whitecliffe House

    05 June 2020
  • Both Mum and John wanted the staff to know how much they appreciate all the kindness and care that had been shown them. As a family we felt supported by the staff too. Every single person who cared for our loved ones. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You all do a wonderful job

    Daughter of Resident at Wellington Grange

    01 July 2020
  • Some of you I would have met on my visits to see my Mother. Living in Canada, obviously my visits are few and far between. That said, obviously my thoughts are often there and my brother, keeps me up to date. I did just want to say a huge ‘thank -you’ to you for all that you are doing for my Mother and indeed for all the residents at Wellington Grange. I know times are very difficult at the moment, so thought you might appreciate a quick note. Again, many thanks to you all. Keep up the good work...please.

    Daughter of Resident at Wellington Grange

    01 July 2020
  • I write with much gratitude and many thanks for the great care and kindness shown to me during my recent six month stay at Wellington Grange. As in previous limes with you, the dedication of all staff was evident in the hard work and care shown by them at all times to me and the long hours of duties undertaken by them was exceptionally well carried out. Thank you to all of them in all departments. I return home fully and gratefully restored to good health. Thank you again.

    Respite Resident at Wellington Grange

    11 June 2020
  • Many thanks for arranging yesterday's visit with Mum. It was so lovely to see her again - 12 weeks minus 1 day since I had last seen her (when she was in hospital) and 16 weeks since I had last seen her at Wellington Grange. A very emotional reunion. There have been times when I and the rest of the family were not sure we would see her again. Thank you all for looking after her so well. Looking forward to seeing Mum again when all the other Wellington Grange residents have also been able to see their families.

    Daughter of Resident at Wellington Grange

    13 June 2020
  • Thank you making my Aunty Diana's birthday so very special and featuring this in your recent newsletter. It makes us all so happy to know how much and how well the staff care for her and all the other residents. We really do appreciate it and know that Diana is in the best possible place.

    Family of Resident at The Aldbury

    22 June 2020
  • A huge thank you to you all for your love and care for mum. You are doing an amazing job during lockdown and keeping the virus out of SCV. We greatly appreciate you all.

    Family of Resident at St Catherine's View

    17 July 2020
  • Thank you Thank you for everything you have done for Mum to make her time with you happy and enjoyable. I know it’s the Dementia that took her in the end and we certainly lost her a long time ago. We all appreciate everything up until the end.

    Daughter of Resident at Newstone House

    06 July 2020
  • Hi April, my daughter and I visited my wife Roni last Tuesday, using your new system in the reception. It was great to be able to see Roni and to talk to her so easily. She is looking really healthy, you and your staff have looked after her so well through all these tough times. Roni had what looked like shingles according to the doctor, but you were on to it quickly and it did not have time to get a hold so she clearly has not been in pain from it. Thanks to all off you at the home, best regards,

    Family of Resident at Newstone House

    12 June 2020
  • Thank you so much for the lovely photo - it means more than you could imagine. Just great to see my dear husband again after so long & looking well & cared for. Lock-down has been like a form of bereavement - possibly more for me than Colin I guess. Looking forward to seeing him in reality some time soon - just hope that he remembers me! Our daughter Sadie sends her thanks also. You all do such a fantastic job of keeping us uptodate with everything that is going on & are obviously working very hard. Stay healthy.

    Wife of Resident at Linden House

    18 June 2020