1V8A2692We take great pride in the letters received by our homes each day.  Many of these letters evidence that our values are alive and well in our homes, practised by our teams.  We have extracted and quoted excerpts from some of these letters to provide some insight into what life might be like in one of our homes.  The original version of the full letters (with personal details removed) are available in each homes' reception for you to browse at your leisure.  You can also check carehome.co.uk for independent home reviews.

  • Thank you for the great photo of Dad! He seems so much more settled these days and I hear the visitor meetings have gone well. I am looking forward to seeing Dad at some point, once it is my turn! It is so reassuring to know Dad is with such a wonderful team at Linden. Thank you all.

    Son of Resident at Linden House

    16 June 2020
  • Linden House is a beautiful home. My Mum was looked after amazingly well. She always said how lovely the staff were and how nothing was too much trouble. I am very grateful to Lorraine and the whole team who became Mum’s family during the pandemic. I am especially grateful to Deborah who showed us round Linden House late afternoon when we just turned up unannounced. I was at rock bottom with Mum struggling at home. Within ten minutes I just knew that Linden House was the place for Mum. Deborah’s friendly calm and compassionate nature shone through immediately. Her kindness and professionalism was just what I needed. We were so impressed with the way she interacted with your other residents. It didn’t stop there as she has been my contact person for all sorts of things in the past few weeks. If I had a nursing home she would be the first person I would head hunt! Thank you to everyone at Colten Ca

    Daughter of Resident at Linden House

    10 June 2020
  • huge appreciation for Kingfishers and all that Mum's home and the staff mean to her. They are sterling. And I am so grateful to know that she is in the best possible environment. This has been the case ever since she moved in, but especially so now.

    Daughter of Resident at Kingfisher

    04 July 2020
  • Yesterday I was able to visit my husband for the first time for over three months. It was wonderful to see him ‘for real’ and it gave us an opportunity to begin a little return to normality. I would like to say how much I appreciate the considerable thought and effort that has clearly gone into making visits possible and know you will understand the difference it will make to our lives, and to my husband and I, our married life. I am so looking forward to my next visit and being able to see him again. I was so happy too, to glimpse a few familiar carers’ faces in the distance! Once again, heartfelt thanks to you all for your continuing and devoted care.

    Wife of Resident at Kingfishers

    18 June 2020
  • We see from the newsletters that Fernhill is managing Covid very well and we understand zero infections to date. Brilliant news that must reflect so well on you and all the team and is very reassuring for us. It is difficult not being able to visit but at least we know Mum is safe and well looked after. We do enjoy seeing the photos of the Cedar residents.

    Son of Resident at Fernhill

    18 June 2020
  • “Yesterday I had a wonderful long- awaited visit to see mum, who looked happy and contented. It was a unique experience sitting behind the glass screen but mum wasn’t fazed at all! We filled those 30 minutes chatting and smiling at each other. I left with a feeling of warmth in my heart which will keep me going until my next visit. Thank you for the love and kindness you always give to mum especially in these difficult times. You’re an amazing team.”

    Daughter of Resident at Fernhill

    15 June 2020
  • Aww that’s fab for Saturday, thank so much Kate, I miss Mum so much. Through the good & bad day’s it makes it worth while to see Mum so happy.

    Family of Resident at Castle View

    02 July 2020
  • Thank you very much for everything you have been doing during the extraordinary lock down period. We really appreciate you!

    Family of Resident at Castle View

    17 June 2020
  • I thought the procedures for the visit were excellent. I'd like to thank everybody, especially Becky for making it run smoothly.

    Daughter of Resident at Castle View

    16 June 2020
  • As well as the wonderful level of care and support she receives, we’ve been impressed with Colton Care’s response to the crisis, the communication we receive and the efforts to accommodate all your residents’ needs.

    Daughter of Resident at Court Lodge

    09 June 2020