Wellington Grange News

  • Runner Beans!

    17 May 2018

    Emily the Gardener is ready for the Runner Beans!

  • Fresh Homemade Lemonade

    15 May 2018

    Fresh Homemade Lemonade - with a spot of GIN! – Here is John enjoying some homemade lemonade...

  • Toddler Talks!

    14 May 2018

    Joan and Harper having a very interesting talk about her bunny rabbit!

  • Joan helping Harper in the Garden

    14 May 2018

    Harper is one of our residents great-granddaughters, who hit it off with Joan, so they started watering the garden together!

  • Joan & Dewy!

    15 May 2018

    Everyone loves Dewy, Emily the Gardeners dog – here is Joan playing ‘ball’ with him!

  • Gin Tasting

    14 May 2018

    Here is John Keats enjoying a spot of ‘Brilliant Gin’ with Emily!

  • International Nurses Day at Wellington Grange

    14 May 2018

    We celebrated International Nurses Day at Wellington Grange

  • Jazz Night

    03 May 2018

    Many residents attended and enjoyed our Jazz Evening, some even got up and danced.