Our Gardens

At Colten Care, we pride ourselves on our beautiful and stimulating gardens. We recognise that many of our residents had such gardens themselves, and that gardening may have been a special pastime for them. We like to think that we can offer residents the opportunity to continue that pastime in whatever way they feel appropriate.

Whether you enjoy walking amongst the blossoming buds, or just simply wish to keep a watchful eye on the sparrows and squirrels, we hope you find a piece of the garden to make your own.

Above: Charl​es Hubberstey, Colten Care Head Gardener

" Whitecliffe House has a small courtyard garden with raised beds, hanging baskets and a seating area for getting together with friends and family. I enjoy tending to the garden but I also enjoy trips to garden centres to choose plants for hanging baskets and planters with the residents. Occasionally, we do art sessions in the garden, and residents help to sow and grow with me. If residents are unable to come outside to see the gardens, I will always take in flowers and plants to their rooms for us to discuss, touch and smell. I am always discussing the garden with residents, families and visitors, and am always happy to answer any questions. The best thing about my job is the laughs and smiles!"

Joan, Gardener at Whitecliffe House

You can read more about the great work of our gardening team in this carehome.co.uk article

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