Wellington Grange news

  • 70th Wedding Anniversary

    23 October 2017

    Here is Jack Lumley and wife Peggy celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary!

  • Pub Lunch with the 90's Club

    17 October 2017

    A group of us went out for a pub lunch last week

  • Christmas Card Making

    18 October 2017

    John Benstead made our first original greetings card when we first opened...

  • Cruise Ship Week – Ireland

    16 October 2017

    As part our cruise ship week we ‘travelled’ to IRELAND!

  • Trip to John Keats Statue

    06 October 2017

    We visited the new John Keats Statue in Chichester

  • Gingerbread Men

    06 October 2017

    The residents enjoyed making gingerbread men!

  • Staunton Farm

    02 October 2017

    The Residents had a fantastic day out at Staunton Farm

  • Harvest Festival Service

    02 October 2017

    Wellington Grange enjoyed a wonderful Harvest Festival Service

  • Ricky Zalez

    27 September 2017

    What a performance!! Ricky really was superb, he had residents singing along, humming, tapping hands/feet

  • Littlehampton Museum

    26 September 2017

    We had a look around Littlehampton’s Museum

  • Queen Elizabeth Ship

    25 September 2017

    We took some of our residents to the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth

  • Cheese & Wine Tasting

    26 September 2017

    Residents enjoyed wine tasting this week

  • Mo & Jeff's Wedding

    25 September 2017

    Congratulations! Mo – one of our senior care leads at Wellington Grange got married on the 9th September

  • Tangmere Aviation Museum

    27 September 2017

    We had a fantastic tour around Tangmere Aviation Museum

  • Mahjong

    27 September 2017

    Colin had requested to play Mahjong again recently

  • Garden Centre Trip

    20 September 2017

    The residents had a lovely morning looking around the garden centre