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Bee Happy Day

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Today we are celebrating “Bee Happy” day at Bourne View. The day started with all staff and residents getting a ‘smiley face’ badge from the companionship team, and smiley face poster popping up all around the home. For the morning activity we had lots of fun, Brian from the companionship team produced a “Bee Happy” box, there was lots of fun to follow… The box was loaded with lots of different objects, big and small, weird, and wonderful, the name of the game was to put your hands in and hopefully guess what was in the box, without seeing what was in the box, and making us all laugh along the way. A few of us gathered in the Sandbanks Lounge, where we each took it in turn to guess the objects, we had such good fun guessing and it did make us laugh, there was lots of funny faces and lots of surprises. We have definitely had a “Happy” morning at Bourne View.