Motoring Memories

23 April 2024

An afternoon conversation about all our favourite things sparked discussion about motor vehicles.

A few residents mentioned classic cars and stately homes, Beaulieu was mentioned as a favourite. Francis expressed a wish to visit again, so planning began for a minibus outing to the Beaulieu National Motor Museum.

Francis, and Carol both enjoy classic cars and have driven many.  Francis has owned several different classic cars over the years and has driven them with pleasure. Francis once drove the length of Route 66 in a classic Jaguar XKR.

Further conversation revealed that Francis used to visit Beaulieu National Motor Museum with his own classic cars for various shows. He knew many interesting facts about the cars we saw and mentioned the difficulty of choosing a favourite among them due to their unique qualities.

Carol enjoyed amateur racing with her husband and they owned an Austin Healey. She mentioned that the Austin Healey at Beaulieu was similar to the one they raced on event days. Carol described racing as one of the best feelings, with the wind blowing through her hair and a sense of freedom like no other.

Pam, used to work at Car Mart in Ealing Broadway, who were Aston Martin Motor Vehicle distributors. She fondly recalled the sleek design and vibrant colours of the Aston Martins and shared memories of her time working there.

As our day ended, we enjoyed a short walk in the stunning grounds of Beaulieu before returning home.

We all had a wonderful day and look forward to visiting again.