Windy Minibus Trip to Weymouth For A Lovely Lunch

19 March 2024

We had a brave adventure to Weymouth today in the minibus.

As the rain was falling, we stayed nice and warm on the bus as we travelled along the beautiful old road to Weymouth. Along the way we chatted and looked forward to seeing the beach and other places of interest.

Upon arriving in Weymouth, we made our way into the renowned Harvester restaurant, where we were greeted with warm smiles and had hearty meals from sizzling steaks to traditional fish and chips.

Once we had finished our meals we were ready to set off again on the bus to the seaside, it was wet, but we stopped to admire the beautiful sand sculpture that had been done during the Weymouth festival.

We also enjoyed the surrounding shops and hotels that looked lovely in the town before heading back to Canford chase.

It was a lovely adventure, and the residents couldn’t wait to tell people back at the home about their lovely day.