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Baking Focaccia

Foccacia garden loaf (002)

For a different kind of baking project today we had a go at making a focaccia garden loaf. We made the dough in the morning and rested it until 3pm when we have the afternoon activity. It was something that no one had ever tried before and so we had a few examples for inspiration. A flower design seemed the most popular choice and so we decided upon that as our theme. Yellow peppers became petals and spring onions and chives became stalks. Tomatoes and olives made great centres for flowers and red onions their leaves. Once the design was complete, we let it rest again and then rushed it down to be baked in time for supper! The smell was amazing and created a lot of interest! Everyone who was lucky enough to have a piece of the loaf straight out the oven said how delicious it was and many enjoyed it with their suppertime bowl of soup! Definitely something we will try again.