Clare’s Wish to visit Stonehenge

16 April 2024

Despite living locally, and driving past it several times, Clare has never been to visit Stonehenge.

It was her wish to go there, and she has stories of her mum visiting Stonehenge, and her tales of how it used to have a pedestrian tunnel under the former road to access the monument, allowing you to go up and touch the stones.

The visitor experience is different these days, with the stones tastefully cordoned off, and a much-improved visitor centre with an exhibition, cafe, shop, and facilities some way from the stones.

Clare visited this famous landmark with two fellow residents from Braemar Lodge on a blustery day.

She enjoyed finding out more about this ancient monument, viewing it from all sides, and managing to get onto the link bus just in time to shelter her from an April hailstorm!

She had a lovely afternoon and said it was ‘excellent’!