Court Lodge News


  • orchid CL

    Orchid Talk

    08 February 2019

    Our talk was cancelled with a gentleman from the Orchid Club and Harry who is very passionate about orchids decided to do a talk himself instead which went down a treat with everyone

  • cooking CL

    Cupcake Baking

    07 February 2019

    Pictured here are Joan and Rose baking some cupcakes with delicious fillings

  • bird CL

    Big Garden Bird Watch at Court Lodge

    26 January 2019

    Tani Read from the RSPB came to help identify garden birds while residents also made bird feeders

  • cake CL

    Birthday Surprise for Mabel

    19 January 2019

    Mabel was truly surprised when presented with her cake on her 94th birthday!

  • rspb CL

    RSPB Talk

    17 January 2019

    Tony Banks from the RSPB came to Court Lodge to give a very enlightening talk to help residents identify garden birds

  • Miriam CL

    Farewell Miriam

    09 January 2019

    Farewell to the lovely Miriam, good luck at Castle View!

  • paint CL

    Painting Masks

    31 December 2018

    Painting masks afternoon! We did some masks of different shapes and lots of colours.

  • carvery CL

    Carvery Meal

    28 December 2018

    Minibus Trip to the local Carvery where our residents have loved the food