Assisted Care

Our care teams assist with all aspects of daily living for our residents, from personal care to taking regular medications, working flexibly to promote independence providing support to maintain the physical care and comfort of residents.

Living Life Your Way, With A Little Extra Help

Our aim at Colten Care is to continue to meet the needs of our residents in a kind and homely setting. Residents maintain their sense of independence as far as possible, living each day as they want, with a little extra help.

Our care team assist with all aspects of daily living for our residents, working flexibly to help and maintain the physical care and comfort of residents and so that everyone can enjoy social and recreational activities as they want.

This includes day-to-day personal care such as washing and dressing, and where appropriate includes the giving of medication by specially trained team members.

Enabling Enjoyment In a Vibrant & Active Community

Our care teams play a vital role in assisting residents to live a fulfilled life, making a meaningful difference every day.

No-one should ever feel isolated or alone in our homes, with our Companionship Teams helping residents enjoy the many opportunities for interaction with other like-minded people over a meal, a game of scrabble or day trip out on one of our minibuses.

We recognise the importance of family and friends and ensure that their continued involvement is maintained. We welcome our residents’ visitors to be part of each home, joining their loved ones at mealtimes, joining in our events such as music events, cream teas and garden parties.

“At Kingfishers it is not just what they do, it is how they do it that makes the real difference.” – A S, friend of resident at Kingfishers

If Care Needs Change

Every home in the Colten Care family benefit from having Colten Care employed nurses on-site at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our residents enjoy their homely surroundings, vibrant atmosphere and beautiful gardens safe in the knowledge that should they require nursing assistance at any time of the day or night, it’s not only available immediately, it’s provided by nurses they know, and who know them.

We believe this comprehensive approach is essential to deliver the best possible care for our residents, to give reassurance to their loved ones, and to ensure continuity of care should their care needs increase over time.

Our Care Philosophy “All About Me”

We put residents at the heart of all we do. Taking a holistic approach, we ensure they are treated as individuals and their needs, preferences and lifestyle choices are supported and respected by everyone in the home.

Residents will experience our “All About Me” care philosophy from day one. We will speak with them to better understand their circumstances, likes and dislikes, as well as any additional needs, wants and desires.

Should care needs increase over time, residents may require more assistance to continue daily routines and living their own way. This can happen in the same friendly, familiar environment with a minimum of disruption, thanks to our care philosophy and our amazing team of Carers and Nurses.

Our care teams are supported by the in-house training team who deliver regular training to keep everyone up to date with evidence based best practice.


Nursing Care

Our nurses are available for all residents, at all times. We believe that’s the bedrock of a safe and happy home, providing nurse-led care to manage complex medical conditions, whilst ensuring all residents can stay within their familiar and comfortable home setting should their care needs change.


Dedicated Dementia Care

At Colten Care we offer a completely different dementia care experience, guided by our philosophy of ‘living well with dementia.’ Our dedicated dementia community promotes a stimulating and engaging environment where residents who are living with dementia can live life at their own pace, maintaining a sense of purpose, independence and belonging.

Residential Care

Our residential care service is designed to provide a comfortable and relaxed home environment where home maintenance, laundry, cooking and housekeeping are taken care of on your behalf.

Short Stay & Respite

We offer the same high quality care services enjoyed by our long-term residents on a short-term basis. Whether it’s for a short period of recovery, a respite break or simply a trial run for those looking for a permanent move, we offer a home from home where residents can live their life, their way.

End Of Life

We want people to live well with us, making the most of every single day. If that means being together until the end of life, we want our residents to die well with dignity with family around, in familiar surroundings with staff they know well.

We’re Here To Help

Whether you’d like an initial chat about the care we provide, you have a question about our all-inclusive fees, or you’d like more information about one of our beautiful homes, we’re here to help.