1V8A2692We take great pride in the letters received by our homes each day.  Many of these letters evidence that our values are alive and well in our homes, practised by our teams.  We have extracted and quoted excerpts from some of these letters to provide some insight into what life might be like in one of our homes.  The original version of the full letters (with personal details removed) are available in each homes' reception for you to browse at your leisure.  You can also check carehome.co.uk for independent home reviews.

  • Thank you so much for your thoughtful letter and your kind wishes.  We were so pleased when Una moved into your care.  She has been well cared for ever since that day.  He room was beautiful, furnished nicely and with a perfect view.  Please accept our sincere thanks to all the staff who helped care for Una over the years.  It not only made her more comfortable but also gave her pleasure and us reassurance by their kindness.  
    Daughter of Resident at The Aldbury

    01 February 2021
  • Thank you for your kind letters of condolence following the passing of my mother but thank you most of all for the care and love you gave her during the last year of her life.  I am also very grateful to you and your team who really became her second family during what has been an extraordinarily difficult year for everyone.  While I missed her terribly and, like many others, found the separation very hard, I was never in any doubt that not only was she receiving the very highest of professional care but that many of your team genuinely loved and enjoyed being with her.  I am sure they are all missing her too. Thank you again on behalf of all my family.
    Daughter of Resident at St Catherines View

    11 February 2021
  • We just wanted to say a huge "thank you" to everyone there looking after Mum for all of these years.  As you know, Mum came to you over five years ago in an extremely poor state of health.  Not only did you manage to treat her condition enabling her to heal, which is a total credit to your Nursing Team and their dedication, but you provided her with the upmost care, compassion, kindness and friendship from you all.  It was a difficult reality to have Mum in a Nursing Home, something that none of us had ever expected or knew anything about but we had no other option.  We are now very grateful for everything that was done for Mum and we know that she received the very best care whilst she was with you. During the difficult times that we are all under with Covid, it broke our hearts not to be able to visit Mum as often as we had been but we knew that she was receiving the best care, which made the restrictions more bearable.  We knew you were keeping her safe and well.  We know at times Mum presented various challenges along the way and we thank you again for your kindness and understanding.  There are so many of you that we would like to thank, as we felt that Mum had become part of your Newstone family, and we feel that you really cared for her more than Mum just being a resident.
    Son of Resident at Newstone House

    05 February 2021
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for the surprise card you sent with the photo of Mum, she looks very happy, which I can only thank you all very much for your ongoing hard work that you've all be enduring this very difficult time.  Once again, I thank you.
    Son of Resident at Linden House

    12 February 2021
  • I would like to thank you and your many colleagues at Kingfishers for looking after mum so well.  Jo and Nicky in reception, the nurses, Tanya and Monica, carers and the companionship team, and of course all those behind the scenes, whom contributed to making mum's stay as comfortable as possible.  Having a freshly laundered nightie on every day didn't go unnoticed, nor did her personal hygiene, which was first class, so thank you.  Mum often told me that everyone there is so lovely, which was a comfort to us as a family knowing that she was receiving the best care at a difficult time and in difficult circumstances.  Thank you so much for accommodating mum, I've no doubt that she was in the best place to receive the best possible end of life care.
    Daughter of Resident at Kingfishers

    10 February 2021
  • My mother spent the last few months of her life at Castle View and I cannot thank the staff enough for the care and kindness that they showed Mum during that time.  All the staff were approachable, friendly, always there to help and support and were clearly dedicated to their work and the care and wellbeing of the residents.
    Daughter of Resident at Castle View

    09 February 2021
  • I just wanted to thank you all so much on behalf of my family for the care, kindness and attention you have given my mother.  This care has been consistent over the years she has been with you and has been very much noted and appreciated.  Over the last year of Covid and the difficulties of visiting you have been there for her and have given us reassurance.  So thank you all for everything.
    Daughter of Resident at Castle View

    12 February 2021
  • Dear wonderful staff at Canford Chase.  Six years ago my mother came to live in your beautiful home where she found comfort and care from each one of you.  She loved you all, enjoying everyday with so much to offer.  We have many photos of her to remember her by. She loved her bible times and looked forward to "Songs of Praise" and Holy Communion too.  You all made this possible even our family visits.  When the cloud of Covid descended you all rallied to bring about safety measures for everyone.  My mother ended her days not alone but in the safety and knowledge of you all.  She was a beautiful mother who we shall miss very much.  Special love to you all.
    Daughter of Resident at Canford Chase

    13 February 2021
  • I just wanted to thank you all sincerely for taking such good care of Dad since March 2020.  It has been such a difficult time for us with restricted visiting.  My brother and I felt comforted that Dad was receiving the best care possible and although his loss is hard to bear we know that we did the best we could for him by arranging for him to have the compassionate and expert care you gave.
    Daughter of Resident at Braemar Lodge

    14 February 2021
  • Thank you so much for looking after my mother.  She enjoyed her time with you. I enjoyed my visits too and it was obvious that Braemar is very well run with wonderful, friendly, joyous staff.  I wish to express my gratitude for your total commitment to the welfare of your residents, at risk to yourselves.  I will have fond memories of Braemar.  With my profound respect to your dedicated team.
    Son of Resident at Braemar Lodge

    13 February 2021