A Bit of Light Reading

14 June 2023

Even though the sun was still rising, the weather was already getting hot.

The team at St Catherines View thought it would be a great idea to pick a fun indoor activity to beat the heat.

They all gathered in the lounge, quenching our thirst with ice-cold drinks that refreshed us instantly. With their favourite books in hand, they settled down and let themselves be carried away into exciting worlds of imagination.

To their delight, some folks from Buttercross joined in, forming a warm and cosy group. Residents started chatting about the incredible creatures they had encountered in the books, with each taking a turn to share fascinating facts. The room buzzed with excitement as they exchanged knowledge and stories, creating an atmosphere that was both relaxing and captivating.

It warmed hearts to witness everyone having such a wonderful time, fully immersed in their books and actively participating in meaningful conversations.