Staffing Philosophy

In Colten Care we employ many more staff than we have residents; our staffing levels are acknowledged as being among the best in the care sector. All staff working in St Catherines View, whether in nursing, activities, cleaning, catering or gardening, are encouraged to think of themselves as part of a single team, with care and respect for the individuality of every resident as a fundamental part of their responsibilities. Together we strive to create a warm and harmonious environment where residents can feel fulfilled and content and where their families feel welcomed as part of the St Catherines View family and enabled to be a continuing and important part of their loved ones' lives.

Staff testimonials

"I have worked with Colten Care for 2 years and it has taught me so much, I have developed my knowledge in Dementia Care, having taken part in the PDU. I have a brilliant relationship with all my colleagues. I always feel supported and encouraged to learn."

"Going home each shift knowing that you have made a difference to the life of someone else gives you the best job satisfaction."

"I have worked for Colten Care for 3 years and could not be happier, every day is different and each day I learn something new. I have been encouraged to work to the very best of my ability and I have developed my career in many ways. To witness the elderly enjoying their lives and looking to the future, gives me the best feeling in the world. Life is for living."


Colten Care's reputation among care professionals means that our homes routinely attract the best candidates for vacancies. Once they have joined us they are supported by comprehensive and continuing training, supervised by dedicated training officers. Working with Bournemouth University we have developed a bespoke dementia education programme, endorsed by Bournemouth University, which all staff complete. We see this as a continuing process to improve staff's knowledge and understanding of dementia, which will support us to maintain the highest possible standards or care. We have our own training suite in St Catherines View to enable training to become part of daily life.