Hobbies & Interests

We understand that staying physically and mentally active can have a profound effect on our wellbeing. Our home has a dedicated Companionship Team whose role within the home is to plan, organise and deliver an exciting and engaging programme of activities specifically tailored to the wishes of residents be that in large groups, small groups or simply one on one time.

Staying Active, Maintaining Independence

Our Companionship Team works with residents every day to actively encourage independence and engagement, and to build new friendships with other residents.

Through a programme of carefully planned activities, we give residents the opportunity to continue their long-held hobbies or to discover new ones, sharing those experiences with other like-minded residents.

Regular exercise classes support residents in their ability to maintain independence. We do everything from armchair yoga, tai chi and stretch and flex, to more progressive dance and movement activities such as cardio drumming.


Dedicated Companionship Team

Our dedicated Companionship Team’s role within the home is to plan, organise and deliver an exciting and engaging programme of activities specifically tailored to the wishes of residents.

We’re very conscious that providing residents with choice with how and where they spend their day is extremely important, and that may mean choosing to be alone and not take part in group activities. Its whatever works for the resident that is important.

Activities are varied and our Companionship Team works hard to continuously adapt the programme to reflect residents’ individual tastes and preferences.

There will always be some residents who cannot take part in the full range of activities and others who simply choose not to.

Those who prefer not to or those who cannot join in group sessions can still enjoy the company, conversation and practical help of a Colten Companion who will visit them in their room or elsewhere in the home, offering time to help with day-to-day tasks, pastimes and activities or simply time to sit and chat one on one.

Activities Calendar

Organised activities contribute to the sense of community at our home. Activity helps to sustain both physical and mental health and it is important that our residents are able to maintain their interests and have opportunities to develop new ones.

Our Colten Companions draw on the interests of each individual and try to reflect their views and ideas. We regularly organise visits by musicians and entertainers. We want our activity programme to have something for everyone, whether it is a pub quiz, a trip out of the home, or a visit by a local school or community group. We regularly ask our residents for feedback and also make time to ask what they would like to do/see in the coming weeks.

Maintaining a Meaningful Connection To The Local Community

Our job is not only to promote a sense of community within the home, but to help our residents maintain a meaningful connection with the local community close to our home.

This could be inviting the local community to an event held within the home, attending a summer fete or Christmas festival, welcoming school children to the home or raising money for a local charity.

Community means as much to us as it does to our residents, and we work hard to maintain our position as a pillar of the local community.

Making Resident Wishes Come True

Our philosophy of care “All About Me” allows us to really get to know and understand our residents..

We’re committed to ensuring our residents live fulfilled lives on their terms. Each resident has a ‘This Is Me’ file to help everyone involved in their care get to know their likes, dislikes and preferences. We use a “can do” approach to ensure we’re always doing what we can to make residents’ wishes come true.

For some, a wish can be as simple as stroking a horse in a field again, but we have made some more adrenaline-filled wishes come true in the past, such as flying a spitfire and riding a motorbike!


“The activities are very interesting and lots of residents come so that we all meet up.” – B K, resident at Castle View

Thanks for the memories!

Enjoy a selection of snaps capturing the fun across the Colten Care family of care homes.
See if you can spot the residents and Companions of Castle View!

Michael helped to create scented candles

Michael helped to create scented candles

Home manager Ashika with Sylvia and her impressive pom pom wreath

Home manager Ashika with Sylvia and her impressive pom pom wreath

Ian with a very special treat basket

Ian with a very special treat basket

Cunha enjoying a trip to the local library

Cunha enjoying a trip to the local library

A little 'retail therapy' for the ladies

A little ‘retail therapy’ for the ladies

June enjoying a peaceful moment of knitting

June enjoying a peaceful moment of knitting

Liz flower arranging vases for the dining room

Liz flower arranging vases for the dining room

Sylvia and Barney the donkey

Sylvia and Barney the donkey

Cynthia helping to create a 'natural' Christmas tree

Cynthia helping to create a ‘natural’ Christmas tree

Sally enjoying the January sun

Sally enjoying the January sun

Our Residents’ Charity Of Choice

Residents and staff at Castle View had a wonderful time holding some fantastic fundraising events to raise money for the homes chosen charity of 2022, Action for Children.

All 21 of Colten Cares homes took part in raising money for their chosen charities, and raised an amazing combined total of £17,044.64 in 2022, with Castle View contributing £305.96.

Alongside money raised, we also supported local Foodbanks and local hospitals.

We ask our residents who should be the home’s charity of choice each year. Putting a charity focus into our activity programme is a great way of building links with other community organisations.

Dorchester Food Bank will be the charity of choice at Castle View for 2023.

Keep Exploring

Nutritious Mealtimes

Food and drink are critical to our well-being in so many ways. Our chef will provide a diet that is not only full of choice, but is also wholesome, nutritious, well-balanced and right for our residents.

Minibus Trips

Our home has regular access to one of our four modern and well-equipped minibuses.  The professional drivers liaise with the Companionship Team and residents to understand their preferences and provide access through half-day or full-day trips, getting out and about to enjoy the local sights, often taking packed-lunches, snacks, hot coffee and tea.

Music & Arts

Music and the arts play an important and powerful part in all our lives. Whether it be through music, movement, storytelling, singing, drama, reading or writing poetry,  our home offers each resident the opportunity to explore the many ways in which music and creative arts can enrich their wellbeing.

Your Garden

Many of our residents have enjoyed a love of gardens and gardening throughout their lives. To ensure this passion continues, we strive to make our outdoor living spaces accessible, interactive and stimulating and encourage residents to take a keen interest in the gardens.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

We take care of the daily housekeeping and maintenance responsibilities so our residents don’t have to. Feeling warm and safe in our homes and having peace of mind are just two of the benefits our residents enjoy from the personally tailored care we provide.

We’re Here For You

Whether you’d like an initial chat about the care we provide, you have a question about our all-inclusive fees, or you’d like more information about our beautiful home, we’re here to help.