Dear Me: A Letter to the Past

27 March 2024

As part of our celebrations for National Theatre Week our in-house theatre company ‘The Avon Cliff Players’ presented an original play, called Dear Me: A letter to the Past.

It followed on from the story of a magical post-box appearing in our lounge one morning and the residents discovering it delivers letters to the past.

Dear Me, explored the concept of writing a letter to your younger self and what you would say if you could.

We spent the week workshopping the play, collecting letters from staff and residents, choosing which elements we wanted to dramatize and rehearsing our play.

The performance was complete with a set of rainbow envelopes and a red post box and a selection of colourful costumes.

The play evoked lots of emotion in the room and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

What will we perform next?