‘It’s all about Brook View’s Men’

12 April 2024

Barry and Peter stepped out of their usual routines of maintenance and gardening and led our brand-new men’s club.

Recently in our activity survey, residents told us how much they had enjoyed following the Big Garden Birdwatch back in January and have also been tuning into a live bird cam where we are following a beautiful barn owl and her owlets.

Armed with that knowledge, Trevor, Peter & Ken put forward a plan of action to develop bird boxes for our garden to help aid nesting birds and to help boost the different species of birds we have in our beautiful gardens.

Trevor, who was an engineer, spoke to Barry & Peter on how we can create these boxes and where would be suitable.

Trevor said “I know there is a need for nesting boxes as I have been watching a small blackbird’s nest from my window and it was a joy to see the hungry mouths call out for the mother bird which is nestled on the rooftop of our nearby cottages. We are very lucky with the variety of birds we have in the garden, as a keen photographer, I enjoy snapping the heron that we see by our pond”.