Urgent Admissions

Are you looking for urgent assistance to move a vulnerable loved one out of hospital and into a supportive care home environment?

We welcome hospital transfers for both short-term respite care and permanent stays at our home, and our experienced team are ready to provide all the support and guidance you need to ensure a safe transition, as soon as possible.

Short-Term Respite Care

If your loved one is too frail to return home immediately following a stay in hospital, we are ready to provide all the support they need.

You’ll find our home to be the perfect environment for recuperation. Nothing is too much trouble for our caring staff, and every resident has a personalised care plan based on their individual needs.

Three nutritious meals are served daily and all other daily responsibilities are taken care of, allowing your loved one to focus on their wellbeing whilst enjoying the luxurious surroundings and vibrant community.

“The staff were lovely and helpful, the care is excellent and great activities for my parents to get involved with.” – Son of Resident at Newstone House

Permanent Stays

Should your loved one require long-term care, either to manage a medical condition or simply to improve their quality of life, then a warm and welcoming community awaits.

Our residents are supported to live life to the best of their abilities, their days filled with companionship, laughter, music, hobbies, nature and experiences.

And with experienced nurses on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can be reassured your love one will always receive the care they need, whenever they need it, from a familiar face.

“You can tell that all the staff are very committed to their jobs and make sure that the residents are very comfortable in the home from home like experience!” – Relative of Resident at Newstone House


Our assessment process ensures tailored care by offering a complimentary pre-admission assessment, personally conducted by either our Clinical Lead or a dedicated member of our Clinical Team. This thorough evaluation, typically completed within 24-48 hours, depending on home availability, allows us to accurately determine the specific care level required for each individual.


If you need help with the journey to our home, we work in partnership with EMA Patient Transport. They offer a premium private ambulance service, designed to provide the utmost care and support to your loved one. Their team are highly trained and experienced, and use state of the art private ambulances and equipment to customise each individual patient journey.


You don’t have to worry, we will be expecting your loved one and everyone at their new home will help make sure they settle in quickly. “All About Me” is our philosophy of care where the resident is at the heart of all that we do, helping us to achieve our primary objective of supporting residents to live a comfortable and fulfilling life.


You’ll have the reassurance that experienced nurses are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring your loved one will always receive the care they need, whenever they need it, from a familiar face. Residents can focus on their wellbeing safe in the knowledge that if they need medical assistance, our nurses are there immediately.

If you require transportation to our home and don’t have access to a suitable vehicle, we work closely with EMA Patient Transport. They provide premium private ambulance services, featuring state-of-the-art ambulances and equipment, and customise each individual patient journey.

The pre-admission assessment process is carried out by either our Clinical Lead or a dedicated member of our Clinical Team.

We offer respite and permanent packages; the minimum respite stay is two weeks.

It can be on the same day, up to 48 hours depending on the availability at the home.

If you are coming from the hospital or community, we would like to make your admission the best experience possible. Ideally this would mean coming on a weekday so we can get you registered or temporarily registered same day with the local GP. We can still admit residents on a weekend, but we may need to reach out to other community services that would not normally be available.

Your details will be taken and passed to the customer advisor so they can call you on the next working day.


Our experienced team is ready to provide you with the support you need.