Caring Canines

26 June 2023

They say that working with children and animals can be challenging, but in the homes where we work, we know first-hand the incredible joy and smiles these special interactions bring to our residents’ faces.

We had a delightful visit from Rosie, a familiar furry friend who had been to our home before. We brought her in to meet one of our beloved residents, Ali McNeill, who hadn’t yet had the pleasure of meeting her.

Ali’s face instantly lit up with happiness at the sight of a dog in the home. He couldn’t contain his excitement and eagerly reached out to pet Rosie. To our delight, Rosie seemed just as smitten with Ali. She even placed her paws gently on the bed, eagerly awaiting cuddles and the special dog treats her owner had thoughtfully brought along.

It was truly a heart-warming moment for both Ali and Rosie, filled with pure joy and affection.