Happy, fulfilled & extraordinary

We believe in a life lived well, full of companionship, laughter, music, hobbies, nature and experiences. We do everything we can to provide residents with the opportunity to live meaningful and fulfilled lives to the best of their abilities.

Your Life

We take time to know our residents and tailor life to their wishes, making sure they feel comfortable, relaxed and ‘at home’ as quickly as possible. Whether in need of sanctuary, or a vibrant hub of life and active, Amberwood House has it all.

Nutritious Mealtimes

Food and drink are critical to our well-being in so many ways. Our chef will provide a diet that is not only full of choice, but is also wholesome, nutritious, well-balanced and right for our residents.

Hobbies & Interests

We understand that staying physically and mentally active can have a profound effect on our wellbeing. Our home has a dedicated Companionship Team whose role within the home is to plan, organise and deliver an exciting and engaging programme of activities specifically tailored to the wishes of residents be that in large groups, small groups or simply one on one time.

Minibus Trips

Our home has regular access to one of our four modern and well-equipped minibuses. The professional drivers liaise with the Companionship Team and residents to understand their preferences and provide access through half-day or full-day trips, getting out and about to enjoy the local sights, often taking packed-lunches, snacks, hot coffee and tea.

Music & Arts

Music and the arts play an important and powerful part in all our lives. Whether it be through music, movement, storytelling, singing, drama, reading or writing poetry, our home offers each resident the opportunity to explore the many ways in which music and creative arts can enrich their wellbeing.

Your Garden

Many of our residents have enjoyed a love of gardens and gardening throughout their lives. To ensure this passion continues, we strive to make our outdoor living spaces accessible, interactive and stimulating and encourage residents to take a keen interest in the gardens.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

We take care of the daily housekeeping and maintenance responsibilities so our residents don’t have to. Feeling warm and safe in our homes and having peace of mind are just two of the benefits our residents enjoy from the personally tailored care we provide.

“All About Me”

We put residents at the heart of all we do, ensuring they are treated as individuals and their needs, preferences and lifestyle choices are supported and respected by everyone in the home.

Wish you were here!

We aim to make every day worth writing about, and our residents enjoy keeping loved ones up to date with what they’ve been up to at Amberwood House. Here are some of their recent highlights.

19 Feb 2024

Valentines Day

We started the day of by creating a beautiful flower display, using red and white roses. The ladies loved making…
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01 Feb 2024

Sassy Salon

It’s ‘Sassy Salon Day’ here at Amberwood House, and we’re excited to pamper our ladies and make them feel like…
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16 Jan 2024

Winter Walk In The Sun

The sky was clear, and the sun was shining through our lounge patio doors. We started talking about how beautiful…
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05 Jan 2024

We Are Always Ready For A Game…

The dominoes were divided between the players, and the double six set was ready for the game to begin. Judy…
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25 Dec 2023

Christmas At Amberwood House Christmas

We spent the morning opening our Christmas presents, drinking, and toasting our friends and neighbours. We all enjoyed our Christmas…
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21 Dec 2023

The Sock Game

The residents were split into two teams, one led by Companion Nicky and the other by Martin, our minibus driver.…
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We’re here for you

Whether you’d like an initial chat about the care we provide, you have a question about our all-inclusive fees, or you’d like more information about one of our beautiful homes, we’re here to help.