Hippity Hoppity Cooks Club

29 March 2024

As Easter is upon us, we wanted to create a chocolatey treat for everyone to enjoy for Good Friday afternoon tea.

Our ladies had the perfect recipe in mind, chocolate filled pastries.

We needed three ingredients, puff pastry, chocolate spread and eggs. We gathered all the ingredients and the ladies soon got to work.

Margaret and Margery rolled out their pastry and cut it in half, one half we spread with chocolate and the other half we then placed on top.

We then carefully cut the pastry up into shapes of Eggs and Bunnies, then sealing with egg before baking in the oven for 15 minutes.

They were baked to perfection and were a big hit with everyone, especially our ladies as they emerged from the hair salon for there tea and pastries.

The hard work certainly paid off.