Mad Hatters Tea Party

18 July 2023

Our day began in the kitchen, where we mixed the ingredients to create some delicious scones for our afternoon guests.

Each of us had a different role in making ten different scones. Just before midday, we put them into the oven to bake while we went for lunch.

As tea time approached, we eagerly waited for the scones to be served by none other than the Queen of Hearts and Alice from Wonderland. But along with the scones came a friendly debate: should we put the cream or jam on first?

We decided to sample both ways and realized that it didn’t really matter because they all tasted delicious. We attributed our baking success to our incredible cooking skills! Alice and the Queen of Hearts also added a fun twist by serving fruity sparkling mocktails alongside the scones, and we absolutely loved them! It was a delightful and tasty afternoon filled with wonderful treats and company.